What’s Your Camping Style?

Tents in a fieldRegardless of what some people might say, there’s not a wrong way to go camping. Diehard old-school campers might shake their heads in disgust at the sight of an inflatable mattress, and glampers might shriek in terror at the thought of camping without a portable espresso maker, but it’s not that one person is right while the other is wrong. It’s a matter of preference.

The way person A camps is no better than the way person B camps. Don’t feel judged if you prefer to sleep on a foam pad instead of a bed of pine needles, and don’t judge others if they pack a full camp kitchen instead of just a can opener.

As long as you’re getting out from under your roof and having a fun, memorable, or meaningful experience, you’re camping successfully. That being said, there are many different ways to camp. You can sleep in a tent, under the stars, or in the back of a car. All that matters is you find the camping style that works best for you.

Glampers – Comfort comes first with glampers. The term glamping started across the pond, but the sentiment is universal. These are folks who pull out all the stops to make their camping experience as pleasant as possible. Inflatable mattresses, fancy coffee makers, and even electronics make the packing list for serious glampers.

Gearheads – These guys can tell you both the brand and model of your jacket, plus tell you how much it weighs, what it’s made out of, and where the built in stuff sack that you never noticed is contained. They have the latest and greatest gear, and if they don’t have it, they’ve been meaning to get it. They subscribe to Headlamps monthly, and have probably worked in a gear store.

Traditionalists – They still use their grandfather’s camping supplies, and genuinely believe that external frame backpacks are better than internal frame packs. They also believe that camping trips are reserved for quiet contemplation and building character, and they usually smell like leather, drink black coffee, and have names like “Roy” and “Buck”.

Overpackers – They brought 3 headlamps and 2 sleeping bags, “just in case”. They also brought enough food for the weekend, plus the following week, and enough clothing to open a small storefront at the campsite. These people are great to camp with if you ever forget to pack gear.

Never prepared campers – When this type of camper hears, “Are you all packed?”, they understand it to mean, “Did you grab your water bottle, a protein bar, a pillow, and nothing else, ensuring that you’re unprepared and that you will have to rely on the kindness of your fellow campers to survive the weekend?” They beam a smile, nod their heads with vigor, and hop in the car.

Car campers – While not necessarily in the same group as glampers, car campers recognize that there’s no need to skimp when you’re carrying all of your camp equipment in your car. Big, heavy tents, plenty of camp furniture, and giant coolers are all standard.

Ultralight campers – These campers prefer to hike in to their campsite. They get away from the crowds and can enjoy solitude in nature. Camping equipment must be small and lightweight so that it can be carried in their tiny backpacks.

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