Why Shop Local?

Fayettechill Cord HatOver the past few years there has been increasing support for shopping at small local businesses and buying goods made in the United States. People are looking to buy products that are U.S. made rather than made overseas, and to shop at businesses that are locally owned rather than big corporate chains.

You could say that shopping locally and buying American made goods is almost trendy. Doing something because just because it’s popular isn’t always the best approach, but there are some very good reasons why you should shop locally and support U.S. manufacturing.

Buying goods that are made in the United States provides jobs for Americans and helps stimulate the U.S. economy. A strong demand for domestic good helps ensure that U.S. workers have jobs.

In the same way that buying U.S. made goods provides jobs and supports the nation’s economy, supporting a local business provides jobs for the people in your community and strengthens your local economy. Sure you could buy the same items from a chain or an online retailer, but shopping at a local business benefits the people you know rather than some well-off stranger on the other side of the continent.

For every dollar that is spent at a small local business, 68 cents stay in the local economy compared to 43 cents if you spend that dollar at chain.

Supporting local businesses also keeps your area unique. It leads to businesses and storefronts that you can’t find anywhere else. You can take pride in seeing those businesses develop and thrive knowing that you help keep them there. We’ve been able to provide Northwest Arkansas with military surplus and hiking, camping, and climbing equipment for more than 30 years thanks to the support of our community.

That’s why we make a point to stock goods from local companies and outdoor gear made in the United States. We carry local brands like Cavecloth, Fayettechill, nativ, and Piltdown Packs, and a great selection of U.S. made gear.

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