The Joys of Starting Early

Hueco SkylineWe all love sleeping in, but sometimes getting an early start is the best way to enjoy a trail. Here are five reasons you should set your alarm and head out early.

You can beat the heat. We’re in the dog days of summer. Starting before the sun is high in the sky lets you cover a lot of ground while it’s still relatively cool. The hottest time of the day is typically around 3 p.m. It’s a good idea to limit your physical activity when the sun is at its peak temperature.

You get to beat the crowds. A lot of people like to take their time getting on the trails. You tend to see the most traffic around the middle of the day. The earlier you start, the fewer people you will see, and the more you can enjoy uninterrupted nature.

You can make longer trips. You don’t want to try to knock out 20 miles if you’re starting your hike at noon. If you know that you have a long day ahead of you, you’re better off starting your hike early in the morning.

You can finish earlier in the day. Let’s say you’re not planning a long trip, and you just want to finish early. There’s a big difference in getting off the trail at 5 p.m. and getting off the trail at noon. Starting your hike early in the morning can give you the time and opportunity to do some work, run errands, fix things around the house, or do something else productive.

You get to see the sunrise. When was the last time you watched a sunrise? Watching the sun rise is a great way to start your day. Sure, this means you have to wake up a little early, but it’s worth it every time.

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