Do I Need a Brighter Headlamp?

Delicate Arch and a headlampYou’re out camping when your buddy whips out his brand new headlamp. Now, you’ve always been quite fond of your own headlamp. It’s been by your side for years, ever faithful, never failing. When you’ve needed to cook up dinner in the dark or find your way along the trail after sunset, your headlamp has gotten the job done.

But your friend has the latest, greatest, brightest, and shiniest headlamp there is. It’s fresh out of the box with brand new batteries, and when he turned it on you reached for your sunglasses. You were awestruck at just how bright and wonderful your friends new headlamp was, and it got you thinking. Is it time to get a new headlamp?

Lumen envy is real, and when you see someone with a super bright headlamp, it makes you wish that yours was a little bit brighter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new one.

Even though they make headlamps that can practically be seen from space, you don’t necessarily need one that is top of the line and bright as daylight. If you’re a caver, climbing big walls at night, or on a search and rescue team, you’re justified in getting the brightest light you can afford. However, if you’re a weekend warrior who camps only when temperatures and conditions are perfect, you probably don’t need the most expensive headlamp on the market. Even the cheapest, oldest headlamp will work just fine around the campsite.

That being said, if you’ve had your headlamp for a while, you might consider getting a new one. Within the past 3 or so years, LED technology has really advanced. It’s now cheaper than ever to make super bright lights, and many headlamp companies ramped up the lumen count on their headlamps without touching the price tag on some of their basic models. Combine that with the constant brightness of a regulated headlamp, and it’s worth upgrading for a newer light.

If your headlamp is working just fine, there’s really no need to get a new one, but if the prospect of a bright and shiny headlamp is just too tempting to turn down, give your old headlamp to a friend in need or demote your current headlamp to backup, and stop by the store to check out our selection!

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