5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

ElkPeople who love being outdoors don’t need a reason to get outside. Oh, it’s a three day weekend? Let’s go camping! You’re only working half a day next Friday? Let’s go hiking! It’s Wednesday already? Let’s go for a bike ride!

However there are many people who don’t know just how great it is to get outside, or maybe they want to get outside more, but they need a little motivation. So here are 5 reasons you should get outside more.

Whether you love mountain biking up and down hills all day, rock climbing sheer bluff faces, or hoofing mile after mile with a loaded pack, outdoor activities are good for your physical health.

Life brings stress. It can be good to escape your endless inbox, or friend-circle dramas, every once in a while. Getting outside can help you clear your mind and can be good for your mental health.

It’s beautiful out there. Blue skies and mountain tops, endless forests and fields of wildflowers – it’s almost guaranteed that any view you see outside will beat the view from your desk or couch. Always remember that the best views are the ones you have to work hard to get to.

Being outdoors is fun. What are you going to do if you, “stay in”? Peruse your Facebook feed to see who’s eaten what? Watch a show or movie to witness someone else’s adventures? What are you going to do if you, “go out”? Eat some expensive food and drink some boozy drinks? When you head outdoors, you get fresh air, exercise, beautiful scenery, and adventure.

Sometimes it’s good to be uncomfortable. This could mean blisters on your feet after a long day of hiking, or a scraped knee after a tough bouldering session. Being uncomfortable can also mean being in an entirely new area, or not knowing exactly where to go.

Discomfort can help build character, especially in a society where people feel justified in complaining about a lack of fresh-squeezed juice options at their local juice bar, or the absurdity of the fact that the pizza delivery man won’t cross the street to deliver to your doorstep because you live just outside of the delivery range.

It’s good to have to struggle and persevere, and it makes your experiences that much more meaningful and rewarding.

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