The Benefits of a CamelBak

CamelBak CloseupCamelbak makes it easy to stay hydrated. That might sound a little silly, but it’s true. You’re probably thinking, “It’s not like it’s difficult to stay hydrated. How helpless do you have to be to need help staying hydrated?” Obviously, it’s not that you can’t stay hydrated without a Camelbak, but the Camelbak system facilitates carrying and drinking water during outdoor activities.

Think back to the last time you drank your water, juice, or whatever while walking. You probably had to slow your stride, or alter you gait, trying to sync your momentum with the tilt of the glass or bottle you were holding. It’s certainly doable, but you probably had to really focus, and possibly splashed your beverage on on the bridge of your nose, or maybe left some wet spots on the carpet in your wake.

Now imagine doing that while hiking, or uneven, rocky terrain. Again, a doable feat, one that many of us have often done, but it is considerably more challenging than drinking while walking on the nice comfy, even carpet of your home.

What most of us do while drinking water from a bottle when hiking is find a nice flat place to stop, maybe with an inviting patch of shade, remove our pack, unholster our bottle, and take a few mighty gulps. Rather than stop every time we could, and should, drink some water, we press on until our mouths get dry and the thirst starts nagging.

A Camelbak water reservoir, however, cuts out the need to stop every time you need a drink of water. Instead of having to tilt your head straight up with a water bottle in front of your face, you can simply bite down on the valve, keep your eyes on the trail, and stay hydrated.

Being able to drink smaller amounts of water more frequently, also eliminates that feeling you get when you drink too much water all at once. You know, that water sloshing around in your belly feeling that can make you feel sick.

CamelBak reservoirs also allow you to carry lots of water. The largest reservoir CamelBak makes is 3 liters, or 100 ounces. They also make 2 liter and 1.5 liter reservoirs. To put that in perspective, a standard Nalgene bottle is just shy of one liter.

Now, imagine packing 3 Nalgenes in your backpack. That would take up a lot of space, and be pretty heavy. It would also throw the weight distribution of your pack off-kilter. Camelbak reservoirs distributes the weight of your water evenly down the middle of your pack.

So to summarize, get a CamelBak reservoir. Most packs made these days have a spot specifically designed to hold a water reservoir. A water reservoir allows you to comfortably carry lots of water, and access it easily while hiking or cycling.

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