The Forgotten: Camping Supplies You Overlook

CardsWhen you’re packing for a camping trip, there a few things that you’re not likely to forget. Obvious camping equipment like your tent, sleeping bag, or cooler will make it into your car more often than not.

However there are many camp items that are easy to forget, and as you know, frequently forgotten camping equipment is not always unimportant.

Here’s a list of ten often overlooked camp items. Use this list to make sure that you remember to pack the camping gear that is easy to forget.

Sandals, or some other type of slip-on shoe, are great for hanging out around base camp. Whether you need to leave your tent in the middle of the night, or you just want to kick your shoes off, sandals offer comfortable and convenient protection for your feet.

There’s only so long that you can silently revel in nature. Cards provide a packable, and battery-free, source of entertainment.

Many people forget to pack a phone charger because they realize there’s nowhere to charge your phone in nature. However, you should carry a car charger to power up your phone on the drive home, or in case of emergencies.

The almighty bucket isn’t so much forgotten camp equipment as it is underrated. A bucket can be a stool, waterproof storage container, washtub, emergency shovel, and more. Get a 5-gallon bucket.

If you haven’t put fresh batteries in your headlamp recently, you definitely need to bring backups. In fact, it’s typically a good idea to bring extra batteries even if you just replaced the ones in your headlamp. You don’t want to be caught without a light.

You packed your cooler full of food and drink for your campside smorgasbord, but what are you going to do with all of that trash? Don’t forget to pack trash bags. It’s a good idea to pack one for trash and another for recycling.

You’re invincible, we get it. Go ahead and pack a first aid kit anyway. Whether it’s a cooking accident, or a loose river rock, you will be glad that you remembered to pack your first aid supplies.

Some people are so focused on packing light they refrain from packing extra of anything; however, it’s sometimes better to pack too much than too little.

The phrase “extra water” is a little misleading because it implies that you can actually bring too much water. You can’t. You not only need water to drink, but also to wash, brush teeth, cook food, clean cookware, etc. Always bring more water than you think you need, especially during the summer.

Packing extra food is wise if there is any uncertainty in your planning. If nothing else, pack some extra food bars in case of an emergency.

Always pack at least one pair of extra socks. A nice pair of clean socks after a few days in the woods will make you feel like royalty.

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