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IceMule CoolerIt’s an age old problem. You want to keep your food and drinks cold, but you don’t want to lug around a big, heavy, cumbersome cooler. Giant coolers are fine for tailgating and car camping, but they’re not really suited for more mobile pursuits. Some coolers slap on a couple of piddly plastic wheels to give you the illusion of mobility, but when it comes to sand or uneven terrain, those little wheels are useless.

For years, there’s been the need for a portable, low profile, and convenient way to keep food and drinks cold while playing outside.While some companies have made small scale coolers designed to be carried by hand, there really hasn’t been something that lends itself to truly active outdoor ventures. IceMule Coolers are here to fill the void.

If you’re not familiar with IceMule Coolers, you should be. They boast of being “The world’s most portable high-performance cooler.” The claim seems sound.

The flexible structure allows it to be stowed or packed much more conveniently than rigid coolers. IceMule coolers are also incredibly lightweight and are designed with a padded back strap making them truly portable.

The cooler may look like an ordinary dry bag with a standard rolltop closure, but there’s more to it than that. IceMule coolers feature a double wall shell with an insulating foam core that can keep ice for 24+ hours.

With a product so new and unique, it’s understandable to have reservations about it. That’s why IceMule offers a 90 days unconditional guarantee. If you don’t like how it’s super convenient to haul around frosty brews, or if you find that it keeps your water too cold, or your sandwiches too fresh, or if you want you want a different size, you can send the cooler back to get a replacement or refund of your purchase

You’re probably not going to want to hike with a cooler full of ice and beer on your back, but you at least have the option with IceMule. These coolers are perfect for days on the river, trips to the beach, bike rides, or any outdoor activity where you may want to keep your refreshments cool.

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