Wool Socks in the Summer?!

wooly sheepWhen most people think of wool, they think of warmth. Many people reserve their wool socks for the coldest winter days, and would never dream of donning wool socks in the dead of summer.

Just picturing a sheep sitting beneath a shaggy mountain of fluffy wool on a hot summer day is enough to make your feet start sweating, right? Well, it shouldn’t because those sheep aren’t sweating. The thing about wool is that it is great at regulating temperatures, not just keeping you warm. Wool can help keep you cool just like it can help keep you warm.

Research shows that sheep with an inch of fleece are less susceptible to heat stress than sheep with less wool. Why is that? Because wool creates air pockets that form a protective barrier from hot air, and wool fibers quickly dissipate heat.

Wool socks are just as effective at regulating your body temperature in the summer as they are in the winter. In fact, wool socks will keep your feet cooler than cotton socks will. This is especially true of high quality merino wool. Point6 is just one of the companies that makes merino wool socks in the United States.

Heat regulation is definitely a big reason why you should wear wool socks in the summer, but there are other reasons that make wool socks great for the summer. Your feet will sweat in the summer no matter what kind of socks you’re wearing, especially if you’re hiking. Where cotton socks just get slimy and uncomfortable, wool socks shine in the summer. Merino wool socks are incredibly comfortable, they wick moisture, they have natural anti-microbial properties, and they are easy to wash and maintain.

We have a great selection of wool summer socks from brands like Point6 and Wigwam and SmartWool. Stop by today, and we will help you pick out the perfect pair!

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