Storing Your Winter Gear

Arthur's Rock - GideonIt’s finally safe to say that we can start putting our winter gear into storage. It may get a little cool at night, but the bitter cold is gone until next fall. But storing your winter gear should be more than cramming everything into a box, or heaping everything into an unused corner of the garage. Here are three tips for storing winter gear

Location, location, location. Where you store your winter gear is important. You want to keep gear out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Heat can melt glue and seam tape, while sunlight can bleach or otherwise weaken materials. Basically, heat and sunlight damage gear, meaning you will have to replace it sooner. A closet, garage, or shed are typically good places for winter gear storage.

Organize your gear. Group like things together so that they are easy to find. You will want to be able to find your hat and gloves when you take that last-minute trip to Greenland, after all. Keep small items in clearly labeled tubs, and hang large items, especially down jackets. Down should never be stored compressed.

Check for wear and/or tears. As you are organizing you gear for storage, go ahead and thoroughly examine your winter gear. Check seams, zippers, cuffs, hems, and the like, and make a list of what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced. If gear needs to be replaced, the offseason is the best time to buy gear at a discount. Who wants to buy a down jacket in the summer? A savvy shopper, that’s who.

Taking the time to properly store your winter gear is helpful and worthwhile. By following those three tips, you can make sure that your gear is well preserved, easy to find, and in working order for next winter.

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