Camp Saws

Stacked firewoodSome might say that camping without a fire isn’t really camping at all – it’s just sleeping outside. A good campfire is crucial for a good camp out. When you’re in a place like the Ozarks, finding good firewood is almost always a breeze. The ground is usually strewn with downed limbs and branches that are ideal for getting a fire going.

On occasion, however, you may come across nothing but behemoth logs better suited for building a boat than making a modest source of warmth and camp light. You have to size those logs down to make them more manageable for your camp fire. People often think that a hatchet or an axe is the best tool for the job, but a saw is often the best option.

If you’re trying to split wide logs, you need an axe. However the problem is often with the length of a log rather than with width of a log, and for that you don’t necessarily want an axe.

It’s more efficient to use a saw than an axe for shortening firewood. When you hit smaller logs with an axe, they tend to bounce. This means you have to either awkwardly stand on the log, or find some other way of stabilizing it. Saws, on the other hand, are much less volatile.

A saw is also safer than an axe. You may be very experienced with an axe and incredibly safety conscious, but the nature of the two tools are different. Axes create more chaos than saws. With an axe, you’re swinging a sharpened metal bit on the end of a handle and kicking up splinters and wood chips. A saw basically just files away the wood.

Saws are much more quiet than axes. This might not be a concern of yours, but it’s good to be respectful if you’re camping near others. No one wants to hear some lumberjack loudly thwacking wood at one in the morning. Saws are more subtle.

Axes may be iconic camp tools, but they aren’t necessarily the best tool to bring to camp. There’s definitely a time and place for a good axe, and they’re perfect tools for splitting thick logs and felling trees. However sometimes all you really need for your fire is a handy little saw.

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