Camp Lights

Delicate Arch at NightIf you’ve ever gone camping and forgotten your headlamp, you know just how hard it can be to camp in the dark. Sure, your eyes will adjust to the dark allowing you to make out basic shapes, and you might get lucky enough to have a big bright moon to light up the dark, but your visibility is still pretty limited.

You need a good light source in your outdoor gear arsenal. Here’s a look at the different types of light to use while camping.

Lanterns are great for when you need to light up a large area. They’re perfect for cooking, or playing cards. The big drawback is that they are cumbersome. Lanterns are for car camping, not backpacking. However, there are miniature lanterns made specifically for backpacking.

Headlamps are ideal for, well, everything. The great thing about a headlamp is you have hands free illumination. They’re lightweight and compact, and if you need to search for firewood, hunt down your toothbrush, or just go for a late night adventure, headlamps are the way to go.

Some folks can’t stand the feeling of a headlamp bobbling around on their domes. They forgo the convenience in order to be comfortable, and opt for a handheld flashlight. Since flashlights don’t hang from your face, they can be much bigger and offer more light than a headlamp.

Then there’s the key chain light. This should by no means be your primary light source, but it’s nice to have as a back-up. You can attach a light to your pack so it’s easy to find.

Don’t forget about chemical lights. You might also know these by the name of “glow sticks”. Like key chain lights, these won’t be your main source of light, but they’re great for emergencies. They don’t require batteries and they’re waterproof, so you know you always have some means of illumination. These are popular with cavers.

Last but not least is the campfire! The ultimate old school light source. Unless your name is Prometheus, you won’t be able to carry fire with you, but you can carry fire starters, which are the next best thing.

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