Uses for Ammo Cans

Ammo Cans WideStorage containers should be resilient. If you’re putting something away for safe keeping, you want to be assured that it will actually stay safe. Ammo cans provide durable,waterproof, and affordable storage.

Ammo cans make perfect storage containers. They come with a watertight gasket and are made out of metal that keeps the contents dry and intact. People use ammo cans to store everything from important documents, to plant seeds, to fishing gear. Basically, if there’s something that you want to protect, you can keep it in an ammo box.

One popular use for ammo cans is as a first aid kit. First aid kits typically contain sensitive supplies like medicines or wound dressings. It’s important to keep these items dry and sterile. Ammo cans are ideal for protecting medical supplies.

People also use ammo cans for in-car emergency kits. Nobody plans on having an emergency, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one. It’s always a good idea to keep a basic emergency kit with the essentials tucked away in your car.

Geocaching is becoming quite a popular hobby. There are 2 million geocachers worldwide and many of them choose to store their caches in ammo cans. Again, it’s the durability and resistance to the elements that keep people choosing ammo cans. You can bury cans without worrying about moisture or decomposition.

Of course, there are less conventional uses for ammo cans. Ammo can stoves are becoming more and more common. These stoves can be as basic or complex as you want them to be. There are tons of videos and how-to’s for making ammo can stoves with welded legs, hinged doors, adjustable vents, and even stove pipes, but you can use an ammo can as a stove without any manipulation (make a fire in the can and place a grate on top).

You can also use ammo containers as panniers for a motorcycle or bicycle. If they’re good enough to keep ammunition safe, you know they will be able to protect whatever you’re carting around on your bike.

Some people have gone to extremes, converting ammo cans into computer casings, planters, mailboxes, and stereos. We carry lots of ammo cans in lots of different sizes. Stop by to see our selection!

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