What Do You Mean You Don’t Wear Sock Liners?

Point 6 SocksYou’d be surprised how many people don’t wear sock liners. Well, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. Despite the striking benefits they could gain, many people forgo the added protection and comfort of a pair of sock liners.

Sometimes this is by choice. A person knows about liners, they just don’t think they need them, or choose not to wear them. Sometimes people don’t wear liners because they’ve never heard of them. However if you’re looking to do some serous hiking, sock liners are a must have.

Sock liners are basically just super thin socks that are designed to be worn underneath another pair of socks. Liners are typically made of natural fibers like silk or merino wool, or synthetic fabrics like CoolMax. Typically, sock liners are far too thin to be worn without another pair of socks.

So why should you even wear these liners? Why not just throw on an extra pair of socks instead? Well, liners aren’t just another pair of socks. Since they are specifically designed to be worn under socks, they provide unique benefits.

Liners can increase the use and the lifetime of your socks. Wearing liners means that you don’t have to change socks every day, or even every other day. That means you can pack fewer pairs of socks on the trail, and extend time between washes. There’s no getting around washing socks, especially after hiking, but those socks get one step closer to retirement every time they enter the ashing machine. When you wear liners with your socks, you can often just wash the liner without needing to wash the sock itself. Extending time between washes makes your socks last longer.

Sock liners also add a layer of protection between your foot and your outer sock. Adding this barrier reduces the amount of rubbing and friction between your foot and your sock, which can help keep holes from forming. This also makes hiking more comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, there a few things in this world more irritating and uncomfortable than hiking with soggy feet. Sock liners help to wick away moisture from your feet.

If you only dabble with the occasional day hike, you probably don’t need a pair of sock liners. However, if you’re into through hiking, sock liners are a must have.

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