Sleeping Comfortably Outdoors

Night skySleeping under the stars can feel almost magical. You’re miles away from the lights and sounds of towns and cities. You get to look up at the thick blanket of stars burning in the night sky, all while being serenaded by a wildlife symphony. Hooting owls, chirping crickets, and peeping frogs play a lullaby all throughout the night. Plus, you get to sleep on the cold hard ground, tossing and turning while you try to figure out if it’s more comfortable to sleep with that rock digging in to your back or your ribs.

When it comes to sleeping comfortably outdoors, the odds are stacked against you. The ground is hard and uneven, it can get cold at night, and you can’t haul your warm and cozy bed out with you. However, with the right gear you can still manage to comfortably sleep outdoors.

You have to have a sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag will provide most of your warmth, so you want to make sure that your bag is adequate. Sleeping bags come with temperature ratings, but a 30 degree bag won’t necessarily keep you warm in 30 degree temperatures. Know whether you’re a warm or cold sleeper to determine how warm your bag should be.

Don’t forget a sleeping bag liner. A liner will add warmth to your sleeping bag, and it also increases the lifespan of your bag. You can wash a liner much more easily than your entire sleeping, making your bag last longer.

For maximum warmth and comfort, you will want to bring a sleeping pad. The ticker the pad, the warmer and more comfortable it will be. But the thicker the pad, the heavier it will be and the harder to pack. Some pads are designed to fit directly into your sleeping bag. This is a huge advantage since it keeps you from rolling off the pad in the middle of the night.

If you’re car camping, consider bringing an air mattress or a cot. Cots and mattresses are too heavy and bulky to haul around in a pack, but they’re great for drive up campsites. You can’t top the comfort.

If you really want to sleep in comfort outdoors, go ahead and pack a pillow. There are packable pillows made from down or synthetic materials, and even inflatable camp pillows. If all else fails, roll up some of your clothes and put them in a stuff sack for a makeshift pillow.

Tip: When choosing a place to sleep, look for level ground. If you have to sleep on a slope, sleep with your head going uphill. If you slide, at least you will be sliding feet first. Definitely avoid sleeping sideways on a slope, otherwise you will be rolling around all through the night.

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    I am so inspired by your work! I just statred my own photography business on the side in July. I wish I could meet up with you in person and pick your brain! It is so neat to see how your business has grown over the years. You truly inspire me!

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