Making the Most of Climbing Season

Climbing - Carter Lake - PadsSpring is a great time to climb. Temperatures are still cool enough for good friction on the rock, but it’s still warm enough that your fingers won’t go numb from the cold. Take advantage of ideal climbing temperatures and whittle down that tick list before the summer heat sets in. Here are five ways to make the most of climbing season.

Many climbers take the winter to train. Test out your new-found strength by tackling your old projects. Whether it’s a burly boulder problem that shut you down all last season, or an endurance fest of a sport route that you could never quite finish, take the time to see how far you’ve come with your training.

Climb some place new. Spring is all about new life and new beginnings, so you might as well climb some place that you’ve never been. This might be a local crag that you’ve never had a chance to visit, or maybe it’s a destination out of state that you’ve been itching to climb. Get outside of your comfort zone, and go some place different!

If you go someplace new, you’re going to have to try something new. But it doesn’t take climbing at a new spot to try something different. Long-standing projects are fine, but it’s good to mix it up every once in awhile. Say there’s a climb that you’ve always wanted to try, but have never had the courage to do. Walk up to that daunting V-whatever or 5.(blank) and give it a go.

Get outside as much as possible. Great climbing temps won’t last forever. Soon it will be roasting outside, and the thought of zero friction, sunburns, and poison ivy will keep you from climbing. Take any opportunity you get to climb outside!

Take a friend climbing. Sometimes it’s easy to burn out, even with something as fun as rock climbing. Introducing a friend to climbing can help keep things fresh and be a good reminder as to why you started climbing in the first place.

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