Pelican Cases

Metal pelican sculpturesIf you aren’t familiar with Pelican cases, you should be. They are practically bombproof and offer you a way to bring delicate gear and equipment out into the harshest conditions. Pelican cases are watertight, dust proof, crush proof, which means that you can confidently take your gear outside, knowing that it will be safe.

Pelican case exteriors are made out of a super burly Polypropylene that can withstand the roughest treatment. The interior is filled with an open cell polyurethane foam that absorbs shock and further protects whatever you’re carrying. In addition to a strong shell and protective interior, Pelican cases come with a rubber gasket to seal out water.

One of the great features with these cases is customization. The entire case is filled with foam, but it is perforated, which allows you to create a space to perfectly fit whatever it is you want to protect. This makes choosing the right case easy.

Since these casesĀ  are extremely popular with photographers. You can find some truly incredible shots out in nature, however nature doesn’t care how much your lenses cost. Cameras and lenses can be very expensive, but they aren’t as waterproof or as durable as you might hope. That’s why Pelican cases are great for photographers. They can keep all of their equipment dry and safe from harm.

We had a photographer come to our store looking to buy a Pelican case. He said that he already had one, but wanted another because they were the best thing for taking his camera and lenses out hiking. He told us about how he had once accidentally drop his equipment from the top of a bluff. He watched the box bounce and tumble all the way down to the ground, knowing that hundreds of dollars worth of gear was bound to be shattered and destroyed. Luckily it was in a Pelican case. He went to retrieve the box, and was happily surprised with the contents being intact and in working order.

But you don’t have to be a photographer to find a use for a Pelican case. The protection that these cases have to offer make them ideal for all kinds of equipment. Pelican cases are great for anyone looking to keep gear as safe and secure as possible.

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