Why Sporks Are Great

SporkYou’re probably familiar with the spork. It’s a strange looking eating tool that combines the pointiness and stabbing capabilities of a fork with the roundness and scooping capabilities of a spoon. Hence the name spork.

While you might know about sporks, you probably don’t give them much thought. It’s just some little eating utensil with a silly name, how much thought does it actually deserve, right? Sporks are by no means the most advanced piece of gear in your pack, or the most remarkable, but that doesn’t make them any less great.

The first time you see a spork in action, you will experience one of those game changer moments. Your buddy will break out his odd little eating tool, and you will see how happy and carefree he is. You will then glare down at your 3-piece cutlery set in disgust, knowing that as soon as you get back into town, you’re buying a spork and never hauling the silverware drawer out again.

There are three main reasons why sporks are great.

You have less to pack. The fewer things that you have to worry about throwing into your backpack, the better. There’s less chance of forgetting things, and you can’t eat soup with a fork. You have less to keep up with. Let’s say that you are fully confident in your abilities to pack both a spoon and a fork, as you should be. You still have to keep up with them. You have less weight to carry. They say that every ounce counts. Ultralight backpackers have been known to cut handles off toothbrushes to cave weight. Sporks are a good way to cut down on weight.

The truth is that it’s not all that difficult to pack a spoon, knife, and fork, and if shouldn’t be hard to put things in your pack so you can find them. However, sporks are just easier and more convenient. Why bring two things when you can get the job done with one?

There are different kinds of sporks that have different benefits. Plastic sporks are the cheapest, and they will often come with serrated edge for cutting. However, these can break if you’re over zealous with your dining, or your peanut butter is too cold.

Titanium sporks are as light weight as it gets, and they are incredibly durable. However, since these are much better than plastic sporks, they are also more expensive.

You can even find sporks with extended handles for eating out of deep pots like the JetBoil cooking cup. These come in handy if you’re flying solo and don’t want to bring plates or dishes.

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