Kelty PerfectFIT System

Pack WallKelty has been making quality backpacks for over 60 years. When you’re around packs for that long, you start to pick up on things that other people don’t. You get a sense of what works, and what doesn’t. You improve upon the things that make a pack great, and you solve the problems that keep a pack from being great. Kelty’s new PerfectFIT system looks to solve a longstanding pack flaw.

It can be hard to find a pack that fits you just right. You might find the pack of your dreams in an outdoor gear store, only to try it on and discover that it pulls in all the wrong places and just doesn’t work for your body type. So instead of having the pack you want, you settle for one that is close enough, but actually fits.

It’s crucial for a pack to fit properly. The better a pack fits, the more comfortable it will be, and comfort is key on the trail. But getting a pack that fits correctly can be more than a matter of comfort. Having a pack that doesn’t fit right can put unnecessary strain on your back and shoulders, and lead to injury.

That’s where the PerfectFIT system comes in. The packs are designed to be fully adjustable to fit anyone. This means that you don’t have to miss out on the perfect pack because it doesn’t ft, or try and cope with an ill-fitting pack. While other packs are adjustable, to a certain extent, Kelty’s new packs are fully adjustable.

Unlike other packs that that use huge panels of Velcro, inconveniently tucked in crevices that are nearly impossible for human hands to access, Kelty’s PerfectFIT packs are incredibly easy to adjust. You can get a completely customized fit without even taking the pack off. You simply loosen the adjustment straps, put the pack on, and tighten the straps to get the perfect fit.

It’s a great pack for anyone, but it’s especially great for families. A fully adjustable pack means that anyone in your family can use it, regardless of their size. It’s also a great pack for growing kids. Packs are an investment, and you don’t want to buy a new one every couple of years just because your kid is growing like a weed.

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