Camping in the Spring

Spring campingAny seasoned outdoorsman will tell you that spring is one of the best seasons to go camping. However, for all of the advantages of spring camping, it’s not a total cakewalk. There are some things you should consider when you’re getting ready for your next spring camping trip.

While spring is typically warmer than winter, it can still get pretty chilly. People tend to get excited a slight increase in temperatures hen spring rolls around,and they forget that it’s not summer yet. Do not go camping in nothing but a tank top and shorts. Spring temperatures can still get cold, especially at night. You need to make sure that you wear the right layers, and bring a sleeping bag that will keep you warm.

Not only can it still get cold, but spring is a damp season. Cold and damp don’t always mix well. Spring is a notoriously rainy season, and rains will often come unannounced and without warning.

Make sure your pack rain gear,even if there’s no precipitation in the forecast, pack a rain fly to keep your tent dry, and pick your campsite carefully.

Your first instinct will be to find a flat spot for your tent, pull out all of the big rocks, and set up camp. However, that will leave holes that can pool up with water. Your best bet is to find a flat spot that is uphill and relatively rock free. It’s also a good idea to bring a tarp when you camp in the spring. Tarps make great ground covers and can provide extra shelter in the rain.

Fire wood might be wet from snow melt or rains, so bring fire starters and enough wood to get a fire going. Depending on how wet the wood around your camp is, you can dry out logs around the fire.

Part of what makes spring camping so great is that you finally get to be outside after staying cooped up indoors all winter. They call it spring fever, but humans aren’t the only ones getting antsy during the winter. Be mindful of animals. Spring time is mating season, there are animals waking from hibernation, some are migrating, and many are feeding. Animals will be more active and more abundant. Keep this in mind, and avoid leaving food out.

Despite spring being a little cool and a little wet, it’s still a great time to go camping. You get to enjoy nature in bloom, it’s a great time to see waterfalls, and the temperatures rest in a Goldilocks range. As long as you are properly prepared and equipped, spring camping is wonderful!

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