Spring Equinox

Greer SpringIt’s the first day of spring! These past few months have been pretty mild, and if it hadn’t been for a couple of snows, you might not have even noticed that winter was here. But today makes it official. Spring is here, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere will undoubtedly be rejoicing. Here’s what to look forward to with the coming spring!

Longer days – Daylight saving time started earlier this month. If you weren’t aware of that by now, you might have some issues to attend to. However, most folks have been getting out and enjoying longer daylight hours! Early sunsets cut winter outings short, but springtime adventures benefit from later nightfall, meaning you have more time to enjoy yourself in the great outdoors!

Rivers – Except for a few hardened veterans, most people steer clear of rivers during colder months. The words winter and river are usually associated with those games of Oregon Trail where you lost all of your supplies and everybody caught hypothermia. Now that spring is here, it will soon be safe to paddle and play to your hearts content.

Green! – Arkansas is always beautiful, but seeing the trees bursting with green makes it truly special. Instead of looking out towards a sea of gnarled limbs clawing at the sky, you get an endless sea of green, and it makes every outing that much better. It’s great to get out in spring and enjoy all the plant life before summer hits. Spring green is blossoms and new life, summer green is thick poison ivy thickets and dagger-sized thorn bushes.

Warmth – Our winter wasn’t especially cold, but it’s always easier to get out when things warm up. You have less to worry about when it comes to layering, and motivation is higher in general. Warm weather means you can focus more on the fun you’re having than all of the shivering that you’re doing.

Spring is one of the golden seasons for folks who like to be outside. Make sure you don’t miss it! As always, we’re here for any of your outdoor gear needs. Stop by to replace gear, get new equipment, or just swap adventures!

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