Epic Bars

Epic BarsYou’ve been hiking mile after mile of trail all day long, or maybe you’ve been sweating it out climbing all the routes on your tick list. You’re tired and hungry, and you need a little pick me up. So you fumble through your pack and grab a brick of compressed, grainy mush bar. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what you want to eat after a long day of playing in the outdoors? No, that’s not at all what you want.

Most of your basic food bars are bland, tough, and staggeringly disappointing. You have to work almost as hard to chew that bar as you did to climb your project, all for a meager, tasteless, and unsatisfying snack. But bars are so convenient, keeping well and being crush-proof, that they inevitably make it into the backpack despite lacking flavor.

There’s good news for all of those food bar fans out there. You don’t have to suffer through dry, tasteless snacks anymore! Epic bars offer a nice and refreshing change of pace from traditional bars.

The biggest thing that sets Epic bars apart from traditional food bars is that they are made with meat and other interesting, and more flavorful, ingredients. Epic currently makes five different flavors.

  • The Bison Bacon Cranberry bar is every bit as good as it sounds. What better way to feel like a pioneer than eating bison and bacon?
  • Beef Habanero Cherry is for those who like a little heat with their sweet. It’s the cowboy’s bar of choice.
  • The Turkey Almond Cranberry bar will win an instant spot in your pack for the next foreseeable future. It’s delicious and perfect for anyone who wishes they could eat Thanksgiving food year round.
  • One of the more interesting Epic flavors is the Lamb Currant Mint bar. This bar isn’t for the faint of heart. A bar strictly for the adventurous and anglophiles.
  • Epic’s newest flavor is the Liver Beef Sea Salt bar. Liver’s not for everyone, but if you’re a fan, you will love this one. Probably a top pick for pirates.

Epic bars are a great source of protein and they’re made from gluten free and paleo-friendly (except the liver bar) ingredients. But what’s more is that they are delicious! They have tons of flavor and are a welcome change from the dense food bricks that you normally find lingering in your pack. Stop by the store and find your favorite flavor!

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