The Only Reasons You Need to Start Hiking

Trail markerThis isn’t a list of secret truths. If you’ve been hiking for any amount of time, you already know what’s going to be on this list. However, many people have never been hiking, and that’s just a shame. While you could write a whole book on why you should hike, there are really only three things you need to know. Yes, hiking is so pure and simple, that the reasons for doing it can be summed up in a list of three.

Hiking is good for your physical health. You can always spot a hiker by their impressive calf muscles that look like they’ve been carved out of marble. Hiking burns tons of calories, benefits cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, and greatly improves balance. When you’re walking around on uneven terrain with a weighted pack on your back, it’s kind of hard not to get better balance. Hiking is truly great exercise, and the best part about it is that nearly anyone can do it. People of different ages, fitness levels, and capabilities can all hike together.

Hiking isn’t just good for your physical health, hiking is good for your mental health too! Taking a hike can be meditative. It gives you a chance to clear your mind from the noise and distractions that you normally deal with. You can forget all about emails, meetings, and gridlock traffic when you’re out in the woods.

There’s also a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a challenging hike. A long or difficult hike isn’t an easy feat. The feeling you get from pushing yourself and completing a challenge can be inspiring and benefit you mentally.

The third and final reason that you should start hiking is because some of the most beautiful things are the ones that you have to work hard to get to. That’s true whether you view it literally or as a metaphor. It’s definitely rewarding to work for something, but when you’re out on a trail, you’re immersed in nature that has been kept safe from the sounds of traffic and the sights of construction yards. You don’t get sights like the view from Hawksbill Crag walking down the street, and you can’t see the Eye of the Needle from your backyard.

We have some great hiking around our area. Stop by the store to grab a guidebook, or ask us about our favorite hikes!

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