Trekking Poles

Trekking polesTrekking poles aren’t just for older hikers. People have this idea that you buy a set of trekking poles once you’re not able to hike around under your own strength, but that’s not the case. The folks you see walking around with trekking poles aren’t too weak to hike without them, they’re just too smart to hike without them.

The idea is that you start walking with trekking poles before you have the need to. You might be able to walk just fine without any help, but at the same time you can really benefit from using a pair of poles. In fact, investing in a pair of trekking poles can help keep you on the trail for years and years to come. Here are the advantages of owning a good pair of trekking poles.

Hiking with trekking poles means less wear and tear on your body. They give you something to put some of your weight on, and can reduce the amount of impact on your joints. Trekking poles allow your arms and shoulders carry some of the workload that is normally exclusive to your legs. This can make long hikes more endurable and more enjoyable.

It’s easier to go up hills with a set of trekking poles. Instead of trying to plow uphill being powered only by your legs, you get two extra supports that allow you to dig in and use your arm and shoulder muscles. This makes going uphill a breeze.

Trekking poles also make it easier to go down hills. Going downhill requires less effort than going up hill, but it’s not always easier. In the same way that you fight gravity going up a hill, you fight gravity going down a hill as well. Having a couple of poles to help you make your way down a slope can give your muscles a rest and prevent you from trundling downhill.

Basically, you are more stable with a set of trekking poles. Instead of two points of contact, you have four. Whether you’re walking across a moss covered log, crossing a slippery rock bed, or you just step on your own shoe lace, a pair of poles is going to keep you on your feet better than just your two feet would.

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