The Incredible Wool Blanket

Wool BlanketEveryone should own a wool blanket. It’s arguably the simplest, and most useful, item that you don’t already have in your gear closet. People have been using wool blankets for centuries, and there’s a very good reason they’re still being used today. The versatility and durability of wool blankets make them an absolute must-have.

A wool blanket can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as a shelter. Drape a blanket over a line between two trees and you have an instant A-frame shelter. You can also set up a blanket to provide shade on sunny days. A blanket can be used as a ground cover, a poncho, or even a wind screen. Wool blankets aren’t windproof, but they will stop the wind much better than open air will.

Of course, wool blankets are great for bedding. While not as warm as a sleeping bag, they can add quite a bit of warmth. You can use a wool blanket alone on warm summer nights, or layer blankets in cooler weather. For really cold nights, add a blanket on top of your sleeping bag for a truly comfortable sleep.

But there’s more to a wool blanket than just being versatile. After all, you can do all of those things with a cotton blanket too. However, unlike cotton blankets, wool blankets are crazy tough and will hold up through the roughest treatment. You can drag a wool blanket through mud, wipe your feet on it, and toss it in a pile of leaves, and it will work just as well as if it were spotless. To put a cherry on top of it all, wool blankets are flame-retardant. That’s something cotton blankets can’t claim.

Wool is a great insulator. This is true when it’s dry, but also when it’s wet. If you get bird down wet, you’re hosed. It’s that simple. Down loses all of its insulating properties as soon as the feathers get soggy, but wool will help you retain body heat even when it’s soaked. Nature can be unpredictable, but wool will keep you warm even when that sudden shower creeps up out of nowhere.

We carry a great selection of wool blankets. It’s not unusual for us to have 90% wool blankets in stock, and we even see 100% wool blankets on our shelves every now and then. Our inventory is constantly changing, and the high wool content blankets go fast. Be sure to stop by regularly if you’re looking to snatch up a wool blanket!

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