LifeStrawYou can’t survive without water. More specifically, you can’t survive without potable water. Take a swill of contaminated water and you’re likely to be worse off than you were without any water in the first place. While it’s possible to live for over a week without water, your body will start feeling the effects of dehydration much sooner.

If you’re gearing up for a multiple day hiking trip, you need to be sure that you have a good source of clean water. Ideally, you could bring all the water you need and not worry about finding potable water while on the trail. However, you can’t do that. Water is too heavy and takes up too much space for you to bring all that you would need for long backpacking trips. What you need is a water filter.

LifeStraw is fairly new company that got its start with a small and portable water filter. Like all water filters, LifeStraw water filters remove bacteria from drinking water, but they also remove viruses. Since viruses are so small, most water filters can’t safely remove them from water. This means that you normally have to pair a filter with some type of purifier, whether it’s UV light, drops, or tablets, however LifeStraw filters provide removal of both bacteria and viruses all wrapped up in a package about the size of a jumbo paint marker.

Portability is one of the biggest selling points for LifeStraw filters. They are incredibly compact, and perfect for individuals and solo hikers. You just put one end of the straw directly in a water source and sip from the other end of the straw. The water is filtered as you drink it. These filters are ideal if you’re hiking along the Buffalo River, or if you know you will have a constant water source.

Also, you can help make a difference by purchasing LifeStraw filters. For every LifeStraw product purchased, a school child in a developing country is provided with clean drinking water for an entire school year.

The filters are good for 10,000 liters of water, weigh only 2 oz., and don’t have a shelf life. If you’re interested in these awesome filters, stop by the shop and see us!

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