Walking on Ice

YaktraxWinter weather poses challenges that you don’t have to worry about in warmer months. During the summer, a puddle will leave you with a soggy sock, but in the winter that same puddle can put you in the hospital.

Walking on ice can be dangerous, but there are ways that you can make it easier, and even safer. If you’re out marching around on a glacier, you’re on your own, but if you’re just trying to stay on your feet while strolling through town, here are some tips for walking on ice.

Watch for ice. People will let their guard down if they don’t see an iceberg in a parking lot. There might be a lone spot where the gutter drips, and when the temperature gets below freezing a treacherous little ice patch is born, waiting for some unsuspecting passerby. Do not be that unsuspecting passerby.

Wear footwear with good traction. Don’t wear your ridiculously slick cowboy boots, and leave the bowling shoes at home. You need heavy tread, and the stickier the rubber the better.

Try to keep your hands out of your pockets. If you’ve ever seen someone walking on a slackline or a tightrope, you’ve probably noticed they have their arms out. It’s easier to maintain balance with counterweight, so keep those hands free. Wear gloves if it’s too cold to leave your hands exposed.

Don’t carry it all at once. Yes, it’s a neat trick that you can haul in all of the groceries in a single trip, but save that spectacle for warmer months. Walking on ice with too much stuff in your hands is a good way break eggs and body parts.

The best tip for walking on ice is to buy a pair of Yaktrax. A pair of Yaktrax will provide you with more traction than any shoe or boot alone. They’re essential metal coils that you strap onto the bottom of your footwear. The metal bites into the ice, making sure that you don’t slip or slide. Yaktrax are hands down the best way to walk on ice.

While no one plans on falling and we hope that you never do, it’s good to know how to fall. Learn how to fall like a gymnast. Don’t put your hands out to catch your fall, that’s how you sprain a wrist. Instead of tensing up and throwing your hand out to land on hard packed ice, loosen up and try to fall on your side. However, it’s best to not fall int he first place!

Come down to the shop and pick up a pair of Yaktrax. They make walking on ice a cinch, and they’re much cheaper than a hospital bill!

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