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Smith OpticsIf you spend a lot of time outdoors, you should invest in a good pair of sunglasses. Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses do a lot more than just make you look cool. Looking cool is just a welcome byproduct of all the benefits that sunglasses have to offer. If you’re looking for a high quality pair of shades that are snazzy to boot, look no further than Smith Optics.

Sunglasses are crucial for protecting your eyes. Sure, you want a pair of shades when you’re at the beach or out in the desert, but sunglasses protect you from more than just the UV rays on a sunny day. If you’re up in the mountains or out in the snow, you need sunglasses. Light reflects of the pristine white snow causing snow blindness. Sunglasses will help keep your eyes safe.

Also, if you’re into cycling or if you’re in an extremely windy environment, you’ll appreciate having a pair of sunglasses. Shades protect your eyes from wind and debris that can dry out or damage your eyes.

Smith Optics makes some of the finest sunglasses out there. They make glass lenses for the clearest optics and Carbonic lenses for unrivaled durability and impact resistance. This lets you pick the lens that’s best suited for your hobbies. If you’re climbing, you probably want an impact resistant Carbonic lens, whereas you would want the clarity of a glass lens for fishing, driving, or recreation.

Smith doesn’t use films that will peel or scratch off over time. A hydroleophobic coating that repels water, sweat, and grime, and an anti-reflective coating that eliminates glare and sidelight reflections are bonded to the lenses. These coatings are like putting a superman cape on regular sunglasses.

All Smith sunglasses come with polarization that helps prevent light from distorting images. Polarized sunglasses are great when you’re around water, or even just driving through a shady patch on a backroad.

Chroma Pop is Smith’s newest, and maybe coolest, technology. Colors appear at different wavelengths, and often colors intersect at the same wavelength. Chroma Pop filters light and color to delivery unreal clarity and display true color.

The best way to really see how great Smith shades are is to try them on. Come down to the store and see just how great these shades are!

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