Boot Camp: Maintaining Your Boots

Vasque GortexIt’s boot season. During the warmer months you might reserve your boots for hunting, hiking, or working, but bitter cold and icy patches call for your most capable footgear.

A good pair of boots can last for years and years if taken care of properly, but even the nicest boots can be worn out too quickly if you don’t treat them right. Knowing how to care for boots is important because it makes them last, but also because it keeps them performing like they should. Here are some tips to make the most of your boots.

Always clean your boots after you wear them. If you’ve been trekking through dirt and mud, wipe your boots down with a damp rag and a little light brushing. Grime can damage materials and lower the lifetime of your footgear. If you are in a city that uses salt solution on icy roads, wipe your boots down after walking around outside. They might look clean, but they could be covered in salt which, like dirt, can eat away at materials.

Even if your boots get wet, try and avoid excessive heat. Ideally you can let your boots dry out at room temperature, but if that’s not an option use as little heat as possible to dry them. Direct heat can melt glue and add extra wear and tear on boot materials, both of which will have you buying new boots before you know it. Boot driers are made to do as little damage as possible, but if you have the time, room temperature is best.

Boots that come out of the box as waterproof might not be waterproof forever. You need to reapply waterproofing every once in a while. It’s a good idea to make sure your boots are waterproof at the beginning of the season before you where them in wet conditions. Pour a little water on the outside of the boot to see if the water beads up. If it is absorbed by the boot, it’s time for a waterproofing treatment. Sno Seal and Nikwax are two of the most popular waterproofing treatments for boots.

If your boots need to be waterproofed, if you need new laces, or even if it’s time for you to get new boots, we’ve got you covered. Stop by and see us today!

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  1. Yosio says:

    Well, for sure, I would waterproof my maps. Actually I lanaimte them. But this Gear Aid ReviveX Air Dry Waterproofing Spray sounds like it is worth exploring. What else does it work on? I waterproof my hiking boots but invested in good rain gear that has more than paid for itself now. Need some really good anti fog spray for my eyeglasses! Ideas?

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