Protect Your Neck in the Winter

ShemaghWinter can be beautiful, but it can also be brutal. Snow and ice can shut down roads, and sub-freezing temperatures can dye your fingers purple and your ears red. Those problems are easy to get around, though. Don’t drive, wear a hat, and put on some gloves. But there’s one winter problem that’s not so easy to solve. How in the world are you supposed to keep your neck warm?

Why couldn’t we be born like owls, with necks fully protected by fluffy down feathers? How warm it would be. Plus, we could completely turn our heads around 180 degrees, which would be useful albeit terrifying. Instead, we are born with tender necks that can’t handle the cold.

Now, keeping your neck warm in the cold isn’t hard to do. Turtlenecks and scarves are more than capable of providing warmth. However, it is hard to keep your neck warm without looking like a beatnik or one of Oliver Twist’s cronies. If you are a beatnik or a crony, enjoy your warm neck. If you’re neither, here’s some advice.

It’s pretty common to see people walking around with their hands in their pockets, their noses glowing red, and their jacket zipped up only three-quarters of the way. Zip up your jacket. A fully zipped jacket traps in warmth better, which hill help in warming not just your neck, but your entire body.

A neck gaiter is essentially a tube of cloth. This works like a scarf except it is way more discreet, and lower profile. Many gaiters a thin enough to fit under the collar of a jacket.

While still technically a scarf, a shemagh is one of the best ways to keep your neck warm. Shemaghs are big square pieces of fabric that provide enough material to keep your neck toasty in the coldest weather. Plus, they have tons of other uses as well.

The final piece of advice is, who cares? So, you look like you read poetry in a 1960’s coffee shop, or you’re on your way to a soccer match. Big deal. At least you’re warm. It’s hard to look cool when you’re shivering from the cold anyway.

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