Books for Snowed-in Outdoorsmen

ArchesWhether we’re camping, hiking, or climbing, we love to get outside as much as possible. A little rain never hurt anybody, but sometimes rain or snow can keep even the most adventurous outdoorsman indoors. But being stuck inside doesn’t mean that you have to shelf your thirst for adventure.

Sometimes, if you can’t get out yourself, the next best thing is hearing or reading about the outings of others. There are many great books by many great authors that can entertain, provoke thought, or inspire you for your next trip out into nature. Here are a few books to add to your reading list if you get stuck inside.

  • Edward Abbey – Desert Solitaire : This book is a collection of non-fiction stories from the world’s most famous park ranger. If you’re fascinated by Arches National Park, or just love well told stories from a cynical curmudgeon, grab this book.
  • Bill Bryson – A Walk in the Woods : The Appalachian Trail sees an estimated 2-3 million visitors per year. However, not many of them will be able to tell you about their experiences as humorously as Bill Bryson
  • Earnest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea : This is probably the most classic book on the list, the one that everyone had to read in high school. It’s about an old man and a fish. Granted, it’s not the most exciting plot, but it’s full of mysticism and reverence for nature, so what’s not to love?
  • Norman Maclean – A River Runs Through It : “In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing”. Some might argue that you have to be a fly fisherman to truly appreciate this book, but if you love nature, you can find something in this book that speaks to you.
  • Cormac McCarthy – Blood Meridian : Easily the darkest and most violent book on the list, but it’s also the most beautifully written. McCarthy’s rich imagery places you in the middle of the desert, which is just one of the reasons this book was named to Time’s list of top 100 books from 1923 and 2005.
  • John Muir – The Story of My Boyhood and Youth : Simply put, Muir is the man. He’s known as the “Father of National Parks”, was a co-founder of the Sierra Club, and has a 200+ mile stretch of hiking trail in the Sierra Nevada named after him. Get to know the man behind the legend.

And of course, there are countless climbing and trail guides that you should read from cover to cover to plan out your next trip! If you’re looking for Arkansas guidebooks, we’re the people to see. Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills, Fayetteville, has the best selection of local and regional guidebooks around.

So the next time you get stuck indoors because of bad weather, crack open one of these works. Keep in mind to read at your own risk! Some of these books will make you want to brave the elements and get outside anyway!

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