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PaleoGood nutrition is the key to fueling your adventures. You don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest hiking boots to travel a trail, but you do need proper nourishment. Snickers bars and soft drinks might fit into your day pack, but that doesn’t mean that should be your lunch on a hike or at the crag.

You need food that is healthy and nutritious, and if it tastes good too, well, that’s an added bonus! Steve’s PaleoGoods are good for you and they taste great, and they also support a good cause.

Steve’s PaleoGoods offers trail snack classics like jerky, granola, and dried fruit, and energy bars, all in paleo diet friendly recipes. This means no processed foods, grains, dairy, etc. The jerky and fruit seem like obvious choices for paleo trail food, but the granola might have you scratching your head.

Granola practically has grain in the name, so how can that be paleo approved? Well, it’s grainless granola made with ingredients like bacon, nuts, seeds, and fruit. It might not sound especially appetizing, but it is absolutely delicious.

If your looking for a more substantial meal, the company also makes PaleoKits and Paleo MREs. These kits combine larger portions of jerky, fruit, and nuts. All of the food is vacuum sealed in the same packaging so the jerky is infused with the fruit juices and nuts, and vice versa. As you can imagine, the results are delectable. The kits don’t require any cooking and can be tossed directly into your pack.

In addition to making good food that is good for your, Steve’s PaleoGoods also looks to make a positive impact on the world. Steve’s Club National Program is a non-profit designed to educate at-risk youth on the importance on good nutrition and fitness. The program looks to keep kids off the streets and help them make good life decisions through CrossFit. Fifteen percent of the sales from Steve’s PaleoGoods go to support Steve’s Club.

The next time you’re thinking about packing Skittles and Little Debbie’s for lunch, remember that there are healthier options out there!

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