Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

MummySierra Designs has been in the camping gear game since 1965. Gear and equipment have been changing and advancing over the last four decades, and Sierra Designs has been there every step of the way. Now, the company has brought a brand new and innovative design to the market. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed brings an entirely new way to sleep in the outdoors.

For the past few years, mummy bags have been the standard for serious campers. Mummy style sleeping bags are super warm, and they take up less space than traditional rectangle bags. However, there is one main disadvantage to mummy bags.

Take a second to picture a mummy. Not the animated mummies of the silver screen that get to walk around as they please trying to find brains or whatever it is that mummies do, but the Egyptian mummies buried in tombs. They’re wrapped up super tight in linen, bound really, and then closed in a sarcophagus. Similarly, mummy bags are restricting and don’t give you a lot of wiggle room.

Backcountry Bed

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed is changing all that. It allows you all the comfort and freedom of movement that you get from a bed, but brings it to your tent. Instead of zippers, the bag offers an open faced design with an attached oversized comforter. Sleeping in this bag is really like sleeping at home with a big fluffy down blanket.

The Backcountry Bed comes in two season and three season options in both 600 and 800 fill down. All of these options are offered as male or female specific bags. All eight of the bags come with Sierra Design’s DriDown, a down insulation with a hydrophobic treatment. Other features include a sleeve for a sleeping pad, insulated hand warming pockets on the inside of the comforter, and a self-sealing foot vent.

Unlike mummy bags which have you locked in and sleeping on your back, the Backcountry Bed lets you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, and allows you to move freely while doing so. This new bag design is completely unique and revolutionary. It’s rated in the same way as traditional bags, so it’s just as warm as other sleeping bag styles.

Sometimes change can be scary. If you’re a little skeptical of this new sleeping bag style, just keep in mind that it has won awards from Backpacker, Climbing, Gear Junkie, and the Outdoor Retailer trade show. If you’re interested in trying out this new bag, stop by Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills today!

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