Perfect Stocking Stuffers

StockingsBy now, all your stockings have probably been hung with care and what not, and it’s time to start thinking about what to fill them with. You could default to candy and sweets, but that’s not very interesting, and they will definitely see it coming. If you’re looking to fill a stocking for someone who loves the great outdoors, these are the perfect stocking stuffers.

Headlamps are compact enough to easily fit in a stocking, but you might have to take it out of the packaging first. Everybody needs a headlamp, plus it can be immediately useful for peeking down to the bottom of the stocking.

Instead of sweets, load up stockings with trail snacks. Energy bars or small bags of trail mix and granola will be a much better fuel source on the trail than sugary candy.

Any outdoorsman will tell you that you always need a knife. A pocket knife is a great gift and an absolute necessity for the outdoors. Hint: Make sure the knife is closed before putting it into the stocking.

As useful as knives are, multitools are even more useful. Most come with a knife as well as many other tools ranging from screwdrivers to pliers to corkscrews. See above for instructions on placing in stocking.

A water bottle promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. These can take up a lot of space in a stocking, but you can fill it with other goodies to save some space.

One of the best stocking stuffers is a good pair of socks. A sock in a sock, it seems to obvious. Ask anyone who has done multiple day hiking trips, they will tell you no matter how grueling of a day they had, fresh socks make everything better.

Carabiners are great for climbers, but also great for keeping gear, or even just hanging on to your keys. These are super compact and super handy, which makes it a perfect stocking stuffer!

Everybody’s gotta eat. Sporks keep you from having to bring a multiple eating utensils when you’re out on the trail. Hint: Put the fork side down.

If you know a climber, you’ve probably seen times when they look like a mummy from the wrists down. Get the some climbing tape for their stocking to enable their taping of real and sometimes imaginary injuries.

Chap stick is a must have for anyone who goes outside in the dry winter months. Get some with SPF to keep their lips safe from the sun. Hand Salve is another great gift for those who climb, work with their hands, or just have skin that’s sensitive to the dry winter air.

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