Gifts for Campers

Campers are surprisingly easy to shop for. When you think about it, campers are just people who choose to leave the comfort of their home to go and sleep on the cold ground in the middle of the woods. They are people who choose to be less comfortable. Anything that you get for a camper is an unexpected and truly appreciated luxury. If you give a camper something as simple as a stool or a spork, they will be overwhelmed with sheer gratitude and start weeping with joy. So here’s a little list to help make your camping friends cry!

Unless you’re part mountain man on your dad’s side, a sleeping pad is a must have for any serious camper. A good pad will keep you comfy and cozy even if you’re sleeping in a rock pit.

A tarp might not be the most exciting gift, but it is certainly one of the most useful gifts. Tarps can be used as a footprint for your tent, as a shelter on its own, and can even be fashioned into a makeshift pack. There are tons of uses for tarps, and you can never have too many.

Any experienced camper will tell you that you need lots of water. A water reservoir is perfect for carrying enough water to stay hydrated, make meals, and wash dishes. You can get reservoirs from anywhere between a few liters to a few gallons.

Biodegradable soap is perfect for environmentally conscious campers (which all campers should be!) Dr. Bronner makes a biodegradable soap that can be used for dishes, as shampoo, body soap, laundry soap, and even toothpaste!

Sometimes rain can pop up when its least expected. Keep your camper happy with a dry bag. These are great for keeping belongings dry as well as keeping insects and feeble critters out or your belongings.

Stuff sacks are an excellent way to keep things organized and easy to find. Instead of throwing all of your belongings haphazardly in the car, stuff sacks allow you to keep like items together and easy to find when you need them.

A camper without a headlamp is no camper at all. If you’ve ever tried to cook with a flashlight you probably decided that it would be easier just not to eat and gave up. Headlamps are perfect for hands free illumination!

While roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire are enough for some campers, many prefer the sophistication of a camp stove. Camp stoves allow you to cook up quesadillas, croque monsieurs, and pancakes with ease.

Every camper needs a solid knife. Full tang knives are the best for multipurpose camping. You can slice, chop, and hammer away without worrying about breaking the blade.

folding shovel is one of those things that you don’t appreciate until you have one. They’re great tools to have around a fire pit, and you’ll be glad you brought it in case you stumble across a map leading to buried treasure.

Of course you will have a fire, but a lantern is great for cooking, playing cards, hanging out in the tent, or doing anything else that needs more strategic lighting than a fire can provide.

Camp chairs are another one of those luxuries that you don’t care about having until you actually have one. Sure, sitting on the ground, a stump, or a cooler works just fine, but nothing is as comfortable as a nice camp chair!

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