The Greatest Gifts for Anyone

Hydro FlaskIf you love being outdoors, or if you’re into military surplus, you could spend hours looking at everything in our store. Whether you’re into climbing, camping, hiking, or tactical equipment, we have a selection of items that will pique your interest. While it’s hard to believe, there are people who just aren’t that in to the outdoors. To them, the thought of playing in the dirt is off putting, and they don’t know why anyone would spend days walking around in the woods. While we have a great selection gear for outdoor enthusiasts, we also have plenty of items that would appeal to anyone! Here are some gift ideas that anyone can appreciate, regardless of their hobbies.

Water bottles are useful, no matter who you are. It’s good to have water on hand, and this helps you avoid buying bottled water. Last year, nearly 22 billion plastic bottles made it to landfills and incinerators. Water bottles save money and benefit the environment!

There’s nothing like a hot beverage on a cold winter day. An insulated thermos can keep your coffee, tea, or cocoa piping hot while you’re on the go or in the office. Giving a thermos is giving the gift of the delectable beverage of choice, not the hot but nasty tasting stuff in the vending machine or the lukewarm leftover cup of good stuff brought in earlier.

If you have feet you need socks. Sure, socks might be the most cliché gift of all time, but it’s a gift that people actually need and will use. Honestly, who doesn’t love a nice pair of socks? And yet most people make do with cheap cotton or synthetic socks. Fine wool socks are a winter luxury that can change how you feel all day. Performance fibers can make a difference in your sports performance, too.

The sun is great. It provides us with food and energy and keeps the world from freezing over. However, the sun can also damage our skin and our eyes. Sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays. They’re great for anyone who drives, goes on vacations, or just wants to look cool.

It’s starting to get cold out there. During winter, warmth is one of the best gifts you can buy. Cuffed hats can keep your ears from turning red, scarves or neck gaiters will stave off the chills, and gloves will ensure that your fingers don’t turn into icicles.

If your power went out because of that ice storm back in 2009, you know how useful a flashlight can be, but flashlights can be useful for more than just emergencies. Rifling through attics, rummaging in basements, checking under couches, and searching for your cat that ran away in the night are all perfect occasions for a flashlight.

At Uncle Sam’s, we have gifts from gorgeous luggage and top of the line tents to unique stocking stuffers. We have something for everyone on your list, and we have knowledgeable staff who will help you find just the right thing. Great stuff for the gift recipients and a great shopping experience for you — it’s a win-win. Visit us in Evelyn Hills.

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  1. Saori says:

    I wish I was there with you guys, looks like so much fun! Winter is a nice time to slow down, and enjoy the company of good frnides and family. Summer feels like such a rush sometimes. Winter brings it own quiet beauty, for sure.

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