Why Knives Make Great Gifts

KnivesWe just survived the ordeal that is Black Friday and finished up with our sale on Small Business Saturday. It’s officially December, and Christmas is right around the corner. You’ve probably been wracking your brain trying to think of gift ideas for friends and family. If you just can’t think of what to get for someone, knives make great gifts!

If you dread getting someone a gift that they don’t really need, or something that they will never use, knives are the answer. Unlike a label maker or a third toaster, knives can be used every day. Whether you’re slicing Christmas sugarplums, opening Christmas cards, or lashing your Christmas tree to the top of your car, knives are extremely useful. The best gifts are ones that are useful, and knives definitely make the cut.

What’s a more traditional gift than a knife? Knives are useful tools that have been around for millions of years. They’ve been used in every culture on every continent, and have been gifted for as long as they’ve been crafted. Knives are a low-tech gift that might not be as flashy as a big screen T.V. or a tablet, but since knives are older, more traditional gifts, they make a bigger statement than something you have to plug in.

Knives are one of the few gifts you can buy that will never go out of style. Their simplicity makes them timeless. You might be upgrading your phone every other year, but a knife doesn’t really ever become obsolete.

There are lots of different knives for lots of different uses. Well, obviously they are all designed to cut, but some knives are designed with specific functions in mind. There are knives with gut hooks for hunting, folding knives designed to fit in your pocket for everyday use, and even knives that are made to be beautiful, solely designed for a collector’s shelf.

So, if you’re looking for a gift doesn’t require batteries, never becomes obsolete, and one that will be used every day, look no further than a good, solid knife. There are lots of different options when it comes to theĀ  blade, steel, handle, and design of a knife. If you’re interested in learning more about knives, stop by the store and check out our great knife selection!


  1. edward moring says:

    i’m looking for a surv-tac 7 from top knives

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