Small Business Saturday

USSOWe hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Today is Black Friday, otherwise known as the busiest shopping day in the year. A report from the International Council of Shopping Centers claims that the busiest shopping day of the year is actually the Saturday before Christmas, but either way, Black Friday is usually a nightmare.

Big box stores all across the country slash prices, cut deals, and fuel pandemonium. Every year, without fail, folks camp out in front of stores in hopes that they can snatch up as many deals and discounts as humanly possible.

Since 2006, there have been 7 deaths and 90 injuries related to Black Friday shopping. Now, it seems like saving a couple hundred bucks on a big screen TV isn’t worth dying over. Black Friday might save you a little dough, but when you consider the madness and mayhem, you’re probably better off staying at home.

Small and local business often can’t compete with the high-volume discounts big box stores can provide. Black Friday typically ends up benefiting big stores that don’t need local support, and small business end up missing out. That’s why there’s Small Business Saturday!

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, the day that you’re supposed to get out and support your friends and neighbors at your favorite local shops. While we won’t be offering jaw-dropping deals on refrigerators or flat screens, we will be having a little sale.

We’re offering 20% off of clothing from Fayettechill and Nativ, as well as 20% off hammocks, hiking and military packs, tents, and our Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitter’s T-shirts!

Today also happens to be Buy Nothing Day, most likely a response to the chaos that comes with Black Friday. So, instead of fighting hordes of price hunting soccer moms and defending yourself from ravenous deal seekers, stay home, buy nothing, and come out and see us tomorrow!

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