After a Day Outdoors

Man on a MountainWhat do you do after a day outdoors? Maybe you have a time-honored tradition that your parents handed down to you from their parents. Maybe you and some friends accidentally started a post-adventure ritual. Maybe you aren’t bound by any type of ceremony and you do whatever you feel like doing! It’s fine if you don’t have an after-outing tradition, but plenty of people do. If you like the idea of establishing a custom after a day outdoors, here are some ideas!

There are plenty of outdoor enthusiasts who like to reward themselves after a fun and invigorating day outside with a nice refreshing beer. Whether you climbed your first or 50th 14er, put your mountain bike through its paces, or ran every bit of river you could, why not congratulate yourself with a cold beverage? If you’re adventuring close to home, you can designate your favorite watering hole as the place you got to after a hard day of fun outside. Who knows, you might end up establishing that bar, brew pub, or restaurant as the local outdoor folks hangout.

If you’re underage or not a fan of beer, use your imagination. Celebrate your triumphs with a root beer, ginger ale, or even a milkshake!

Another popular post-adventure tradition is to eat a big, deliciously unhealthy meal. Think about it. You were out all day exerting energy climbing, running, hiking, or whatever. Maybe you had a light lunch. A sandwich and an apple, or maybe you were only fueled by some energy bars. You probably burned a lot of calories and you need to replenish them. A big burger or some pizza with friends is the perfect way to celebrate after a day outdoors.

Maybe you’re not the social type, and you follow a strict diet. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with a tradition as well. Maybe your tradition can be reflecting on the adventure you just went on. Write a story, or a poem, or just write down exactly what happened. It can be fun to go back later and read through all of your exploits!

There are plenty of other traditions you can start and call your own. Stop by the store and let us know what your favorite is!

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