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Helle KnivesBack in the day, you would have a guy who was i to making a thing. Whether the guy made bowls, bicycles, knives, or whatever, that’s what he did. People had crafts, and they would dedicate their lives to making something exceptionally well. It would take hours or days or months, but there was intention in each stroke of sand paper and deliberation in every tightened screw.

Today there are factories with machines that crank out more knives in a matter of hours than that old craftsman could have made in his entire lifetime. Technology is crazy.

However, a big concern that people have with mass-production is quality. Sure we can make things faster than we ever could before, but are those things as good? A big robotic arm isn’t going to care whether or not your knife is good. It won’t go home at the end of the day to its robotic arm family with a sense of pride in an honest days work.

Luckily, there are still companies out there with skilled craftsmen who do care about making a great product and do take pride in their work. Helle knives of Norway has been making beautiful, quality knives since 1932, and they are still carrying on the tradition of craft.

Helle’s philosophy is pretty simple. They make knives that are meant to be used. At first glance, that philosophy doesn’t seem to carry much weight. Every tool should be made to be used, but not every tool is.

Huge factories that churn out thousands of knives a day aren’t concerned with quality as much as they are concerned about quantity. Mass-produced knives are often too poorly made to hold up to any actual use.

Helle knives are made with attention to detail and made to last. However, Helle knives aren’t just your everyday workhorse blades. Helle knives are burly enough to withstand true use, but with the look of a collector’s knife. Horn handles and clean lines are enough to make you think that these knives belong on a mantel, but once you hold them you know that they’re meant to be used.

You can tell that Helle knives are made with attention to every detail and with pride. They are crafted in the truest sense of the word, and they are a wonderfully refreshing change of pace from cheap disposable knives.

Come down to Uncle Sam’s and check out our selection of Helle knives for yourself!

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