Halloween Safety

Bear and lightHappy Halloween from all of us here at Uncle Sam’s! We’ve been helping folks all week get their costumes together, and tonight’s the big night! We will undoubtedly have a few procrastinators come in to the store today to try and throw something together last-minute, but even if you’re costume is all set and ready to go, you still might be forgetting something.

The hallmark of Halloween, the reason kids count down the days on their calender for October 31st, is trick-or-treating. This empty threat, sung by hordes of costumed children, is responsible for the 600 million pounds of candy Americans buy each year for Halloween.

It’s great fun to trick-or-treat, but parents want to make sure that their kids are safe. Safety is even more important in an activity as inherently dangerous as running through streets at night hunting for candy. That’s a hazardous feat in broad daylight, let alone at night.  The darker it is, the harder it is to see. That’s just the way that human eyes work.

That’s why visibility is key for Halloween safety. Even if you’re being totally safe and cautious while trick-or-treating, you’re still lumbering through the darkness searching for sugary snacks. Many drivers have poor night vision, or might get distracted by a wayward ghost or ghoul, and not spot you until it’s too late. So be as easy to spot as possible!

Adding some reflective tape or wearing reflective bands or glow sticks are cheap and don’t compromise a costume. Although, you should wear them even if they do compromise a costume, because not getting hit by a car is infinitely better than any costume that’s ever been made. Reflective materials catch light and throw it back almost as effectively as a mirror would, and if you can’t spot a glow stick in the dark, you probably need to open your eyes.

Having some sort of light is key in keeping kids safe while trick-or treating. Luckily, we carry reflective tape and glow sticks. Stop by before you and your kids head out for your candy haul!

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