Campfire Games

campfireFall is the perfect time to go camping. The trees are beautiful, the temperatures are prime, and the bugs start to thin out. Now, there are plenty of folks who camp to relax, unwind, and take a break from responsibilities. They could sit in the peace and quiet of the woods for hours and be perfectly content. Then, there’s the type who will lose their minds with boredom if they don’t have something to do, and sitting silently is synonymous with torture. The latter is typically of a younger persuasion.

If you’re taking your family camping this weekend, here are some campfire games to keep your children entertained.

Mosquito Bites – This game is really simple, and way more fun than it sounds. Give everyone a set amount of red dot stickers (you can get these at most office supply stores), let’s say 5. The object of the game is to stick your red stickers on the other players, until the first person is out of stickers. The catch is, you have to be sneaky. If you get caught trying to tag someone with a sticker, you not only have to keep your red dot, but the person who caught you gets to tag you with one of their own!

Bite the Bag – A remarkably silly, yet fun and entertaining game. This will test children as well as adults. All you need is a paper bag and something to weigh the bag down, like sand, dirt, or rocks. One foot must touch the ground at all times, but that is the only part of your body that can make contact with the ground. Start from a standing position, lower yourself down until you can bite the bag and stand with it. If someone fails to bite the bag after 3 tries they are removed from the game. After each round tear the top edge of the bag off, to make it more challenging. See how low you can go!

Telephone – An old school classic. The rules are simple: the first person thinks of a sentence or phrase and whispers it to the second person, quietly so only they can hear. Repeat this process down the line until the final person says aloud what they heard. It’s amazing how “I love camping!” can become, “I’m a napkin ring!”.

Name That Tune – Some songs are so recognizable, it just take the first couple of strums on a guitar or runs on a keyboard to name it. Trying to mimic that with whistling or humming is a different story. Take turns whistling or humming a tune and see who can name it. Whoever guesses the right answer goes next.

Hinky Pinky – This is a game of riddles and wordplay. Think of a pair of rhyming words. A one syllable pair is called a hink-pink, two syllables is called a hinky-pinky, and a three syllable pair is called a hinkety-pinkety (these are hard to come up with, and will typically be slant rhymes, or they won’t even rhyme at all.. You will give a clue to the guessers, and whoever guesses correctly gets to go next. Here are a few examples for how you would phrase the question:

  • This is a hink-pink. A happy plant. Answer: Glee Tree
  • This is a hinky-pinky. What would you call a guy who is laid back? Answer: Mellow Fellow
  • This is a hinkety-pinkety. How would you strip paint from a snake? Answer: Serpentine Turpentine

Ghost Potato – Some folks might not call this a game, but it sure is fun! Someone starts a ghost story. They can add a phrase, a sentence, or a hundred sentences, and then hand it off to the next person. That person hands it to the next, and so on. This continues until you’ve finished your story!

Chubby Bunny – This one is ridiculous. Commence the game by saying, “chubby bunny”. Then stick a marshmallow in your mouth and say it again. Keep going until your mouth is too full, or you’re dying from laughter. See who can get the most marshmallows in their mouth to find out who the chubbiest bunny is.

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