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Man on mountainWe’ve picked up a new brand within the past few months here at Uncle Sam’s. We started with their packs, and liked them so much that we decided to bring in a few of their layering pieces as well! You might not have heard of Lowe Alpine, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love the brand just like we do.

Sometimes people get a little apprehensive around a brand that they’re not familiar with. They figure that the popular brands are the best brands, and if a brand isn’t popular it means that they won’t be any good, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Lowe Alpine doesn’t have the same clout as some of the larger outdoor gear brands, but in terms of quality and performance, it’s right there with them.

Lowe Alpine, the company, starts way back with the Lowe family in the 1950s. Ralph Lowe was a an avid explorer and loved being in the mountains. In the mid 1950s, Ralph took his sons Mike, Greg, and Jeff, up the Exum Ridge of the Grand Teton in Wyoming.

Those trips sparked a love of the outdoors in the three Lowe brothers. Mike, Greg, and Jeff soon took up their fathers adventuring ways. Having started at an early age, all three grew to be great climbers, putting up first ascents across the continent as well as country. Greg Lowe is also credited with founding modern ice climbing.

The brothers eventually found an interest in alpine climbing, which can often be one of the most challenging, dangerous, and rewarding types of climbing. Hazardous terrains, violent weather, and unpredictable conditions demand not only physical and mental strength, but also protection from the elements. The brothers failed ascent of the North Ridge of Latok in Pakistan spurred them to create gear more suited to the demands of alpine climbing.

The brothers started making packs in their basement. Greg loved designing and wanted to make a pack that would lend itself to alpine climbs. The brothers’ first Expedition Pack was a game changer. It was the first pack with an internal frame, first adjustable back, first side compression, first load stabilizers, and first sternum straps. All of those features are basic staples for packs today, but we can thank the Lowe brothers for that.

But, what good is a pack if you don’t have gear? The brothers had dialed in their pack designs and decided to design and produce technical apparel that would perform well in Alpine climbing.

Alpine climbing requires protection from water, wind and cold, but the aerobic nature of climbing means, that breathability is also key, but the Lowe brothers were more than familiar with what was needed to make pieces suitable for mountaineering.

Eventually the brothers sold the Lowe Alpine company to a group based in the United Kingdom, where the company is still based today. That explains Lowe Alpine’s huge popularity overseas in Europe, but their marginal fan base here in the United States.

At Uncle Sam’s, we just like good gear. We don’t care if or where it’s popular. We carry Lowe Alpine packs and jackets for men and women. Stop by today and check out our selection!

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