Fall Camping

Arkansas FallCamping in the fall is like butter on toast. It’s a classic combination that has stood the test of time. You take one good thing, add it to another good thing, and end up with a perfect pairing that just makes sense. We don’t really believe that there’s a bad time to camp, but fall is definitely prime time for getting outdoors and sleeping under the stars!

September in Arkansas heralds perfect outdoor weather. The summer heat usually lingers around the beginning of the month, but the last couple of weeks start to feel like fall. The maximum average temperature sits around 73.4 degrees in our neck of the woods, and the minimum average temperature is around 53 degrees. In other words, fall weather in Arkansas is ideal for camping, climbing, hiking or whatever. One or two layers are all that you need for your activities during the day, and night time temps are perfect for a warm and cozy campfire.

Fairy tale temperatures aren’t the only reason that fall camping is phenomenal. The top three complaints about summer camping are poison ivy, insects, and snakes. These three things start to dwindle during the fall season.

Even though it’s not as bad as the lush forests you find in the summer, poison ivy can still be a nuisance during autumn. Even if the leaves die back, the plant itself can still secrete the oils that cause people to break out in an allergic reaction. So, while ivy isn’t as thick, it’s harder to identify and can still cause rashes.

You might still come across a few insects during the fall season, but it’s nothing like the hordes of chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes that await you in summer. It’s nice being able to go outside for long periods of time without having to choose between a layer of bug spray or an impressive collection of bug bites. And, once the first frost hits, you can expect to enjoy bug free camping until the spring.

Snakes, being the cold-blooded reptiles that they are, get a little lethargic when fall comes around. This means that you’re less likely to stumble across snakes while you’re fall camping. The hotter it is outside, the more active snakes will be. Since they don’t regulate their own body temperature, air and ground temperatures directly affect how much energy snakes can and will exert.

So, the weather is great and the pests are gone – both great perks of fall camping, but you can’t forget about how beautiful fall is! The changing leaves might be the biggest draw for fall campers. We get so used to seeing all of the already beautiful trees decked out in green, that it becomes common place. That’s what makes the color show so amazing! For the past few months it’s been nothing but green, but now all of a sudden we have a lovely mosaic of fall colors that we can explore and admire.


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