7 Wilderness (and Office) Uses for Knives

american-made-knivesWhat’s the one item you would take with you if you were stranded in the wild? There are probably a handful of people who would say their phone, but the number one answer should be a knife. Knives are one of the most practical, useful, and versatile tools you can own. A knife is essential in a survival situation, but it is just as useful in everyday situations. It’s a good idea to be aware of different knife skills and know how to perform them.

You might be wondering why a knife is so important in a survival setting. With a knife and the right skills you have access to everything that a person needs to survive.

  • You can make a fire with a knife – High carbon steel blades and a flint stone can offer the right spark to get  a fire going. It’s not a simple task, but it’s possible. You can also use a knife make the tools for a bow drill fire starter. Knives can also be used to cut down larger limbs into more manageable fire wood using a batoning technique.
  • You can make a shelter with a knife – You can cut limbs and branches with a knife blade to gather the materials you need for a shelter. Lean-tos are the easiest type of shelter to make, but with a knife you can also fashion cordage and cut grooves in wood to lash together more sophisticated dwellings.
  • You can collect food with a knife – A knife can be used to whittle spear points or set up traps for hunting and fishing. Knives are also useful in preparing food once you’ve got it.
  • You can protect yourself with a knife – Nature has a lot of beauty to offer, and sometimes that beauty comes with teeth and claws. It’s never a good idea to tangle with wild animals, but a knife can be useful if you’re defending yourself and can’t escape. Although you’re probably better off trying to escape…

You don’t have to be Jeremiah Johnson to put a knife to good use – not every use for a knife is a matter of life or death. Knives can be useful in the average person’s everyday routine.

  • You can open things with a knife – You might work in an office or stock room where you have to constantly open envelopes or boxes. Knives are like skeleton keys when it comes to these tasks.
  • You can enhance snack time with a knife – How many times has your snack time been ruined by having to eat a piece of fruit by biting into the whole thing like some savage? With a knife you can slice up those pears or chop up those apples and eat your fruit like a scholar.
  • You can cut things with a knife – Considered to be one of the top ways to use a knife, cutting things makes knives very useful!

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