Royal Robbins

photo by Tom Frost

photo by Tom Frost

If you mention the name Royal Robbins most people will just assume that you’re talking about the outdoor clothing brand. They might say, “I love their flannels!” or, “Their pants are great for hiking!” and have no idea that the company was founded by a man named Royal Robbins.

Before Royal was a brand, Royal was one of the first big names in American climbing. He was a climber back when climbers were outdoorsmen. He climbed for exploration and experience rather than buzz on social media. During his heyday in the ’60s Royal Robbins climbed with Yvon Chouinard, another notable outdoorsman who went on to found the outdoor brand Patagonia. Royal Robbins played a huge role in increasing the popularity of rock climbing as well as promoting rock preservation within the sport.

Robbins has one of the most impressive ascent lists around. He has put up first assents all over the globe on some of the world’s most iconic rock faces. He’s established lines on Half Dome and El Cap in his Yosemite stomping grounds.

In addition to being a rock climbing pioneer, Royal Robbins is an author and kayaker extraordinaire. He’s published books on his rock climbing philosophy as well as his life in general. In 1978 Robbins developed psoriatic arthritis. This prevented him from further pursuing climbing, but it didn’t limit his desire to be out in nature, so he took up kayaking.

For decades climbers and outdoor enthusiasts have recognized the name Royal Robbins and associated it with adventure. Today the Royal Robins clothing brand carries that same weight.

Royal Robbins clothing is designed with function in mind, but doesn’t skimp on the aesthetics. It’s quality clothing suited for travel, climbing, hiking, and camping with a touch of fashion.

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image by Tom Frost

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