Why You Need a Hammock

chillin_2341723To say that you need a hammock might be an exaggeration. It just depends on how you define need. If you believe that basic human needs end at food, water, and shelter then a hammock doesn’t make the cut (although hammocks can be shelters). However, many people include things like freedom, purpose, and joy as basic human needs. You might not find much purpose in a hammock, but you can definitely find joy!

People like to relax after a tough and stressful day. You could sit on your couch and watch TV, or you could get outside and lounge in a hammock. There are plenty of reasons to choose a hammock over your couch:

  • Hammocks are more comfortable than couches. This is not an opinion, but a universal truth.
  • You get to breathe in all that tasty and rejuvenating fresh air
  • Sunsets look better when you’re outside. Sure you could watch the sky through a window, but that’s only half the experience.
  • There aren’t TVs outside. Read a book or watch a bird or something!

If you own a packable travel hammock, like ones made by ENO or Grand Trunk, you get to experience the joy of finding the perfect spot to hang your hammock! You could compare it to the process a photographer goes through to find the perfect picture.

You have to consider variables like distance, sunlight, aesthetics. If your anchor points are to far apart your hammock straps won’t be able to span the gap. On the other hand if the anchors are too close your hammock will fold you up like a taco. If you want to snooze in the shade you need to know not only where the sun is when you set up your hammock, but where the sun will be when nap time is over. You might not care about your setting when you put up your hammock, but it can make the experience that much better. Whether you’re in a lush field of wildflowers or spanning a creek or waterfall, choosing the location for your hammock makes it a more personal experience.

If you’ve ever spent a  long afternoon lazing in a hammock, you know exactly how great they are. Hammocks are comfortable, relaxing, and fun. There’s just something about being cradled in a hammock that makes everything feel right. If hammocks aren’t for you, that’s OK, but good luck lugging your couch up the trail.

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