10 Day Trips for Out of Town Guests

arkansasWhen you live in a place for a while you can forget the things that make that place so great (and there is plenty of greatness in the Ozarks). You start taking your special spots and attractions for granted. So when you’re put on the spot when friends or family come to visit you draw a blank. You can’t think of a thing to do to share your excellent hometown, so you chill out with video games and leave your guests unimpressed.

Don’t do that. Just bookmark this list and you’ll be ready.


Here are 10 day trips to entertain out of town guests.

  1. Devil’s Den – This state park was  built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in 1933. The caves are currently closed in order to protect the bats, but there is still some great swimming and hiking that can be done in and around the park.
  2. King’s River Falls – This is one of the best places to swim in Arkansas. The falls are a quick mile or so hike from the parking area, which makes the water that much more inviting by the time you get there.
  3. Buffalo National River – Established in 1972, the Buffalo was the first National River. There are numerous swimming areas as well as put ins that make for good day floats. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the state!
  4. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch – Horseshoe is a global attraction. Climbers from around the world make their way just to get on these Arkansas sport routes and boulders. They’ve also got a zip-line and a killer disc golf course. There is a $5 dollar day use fee and it’s worth every penny.
  5. Terra Studios – The home of the Bluebird of Happiness! If you’re interested in local and regional art, you’ll feel at home at Terra Studios.
  6. Crystal Bridges – This amazing museum located in Bentonville is the home to some world-class and world-famous artwork. What’s more, it is absolutely free to the public!
  7. Lake Wedington -The perfect place to go if you’re feeling indecisive. You’ve got options at Lake Wedington: hiking, swimming, canoeing, picnicking, fishing, you name it.
  8. Hogscald – An awesome and historic location on Beaver Lake. There are waterfalls and springs tucked away throughout this area as well as some great swimming and bluff jumping. The hollow was a place of ceremony and healing for Native Americans and a place of recreation for soldiers during the Civil War.
  9. Eureka Springs – Whether you’re into shopping or you just like to soak up history, Eureka Springs has you covered. The town was named for its springs which were thought to have healing properties. The springs were a big tourist attraction back in the day.
  10. Hawksbill Crag – This could be the most recognizable area in the Buffalo River area. The trail to this picturesque point is only a measly 3 miles round trip, but you’d be willing to walk a hundred once you’ve seen it.

The next time you have to entertain out of towners don’t panic and take them to the same restaurant 3 days in a row. All of these destinations are top quality day trips, and there is plenty more to do in the area. Stop by and see us for your day trip supplies or for other day trip ideas!

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