12 Uses for Bandanas

bandanaBandanas are great. Not only do they have a surprising variety of uses, but they are also  extremely easy to carry around with you. Plus they cost next to nothing. So a bandana isn’t just something cowboys and train robbers used to wear (although that is pretty sweet), it’s an affordable, packable,  and multipurpose tool.

  1. Cooking – Bandanas can be used for a great makeshift potholder. If you need to grab a piping hot pan handle from a flame, just fold up a bandana and you’ve got a way to keep your fingers safe. Bandanas also double as a dish rag for cleaning or drying your cookware or cutlery.
  2. Towel – Whether you’re wiping the sweat from your brow or scrubbing clean, a bandana can come in handy.
  3. Warmth – In cold weather months, you need every bit of warmth you can get. Use a bandana as a neck gaiter.
  4. Cooling off – Just like you want warmth in the winter, you want to cool off in the summer and a bandana can deliver. Soaking it in water and wrapping it around your neck helps cool you down quickly.
  5. Head covering – This is could be useful in hot or cold conditions. If you’re getting grilled by the sun, a bandana can offer some much needed protection. When it’s frosty outside a bandana can help retain some of your precious body heat.
  6. Water filter – This is more of a worst case scenario application. A bandana is not designed to filter out viruses and bacteria that can be found in water. A bandana is designed to be a bandana. But if you find yourself in a life or death situation without a filter or purifier, a bandana can at least remove sediment and debris from otherwise potable water.
  7. Sling – No matter how prepared you are, accidents can happen. If somebody breaks or injures their arm, you can tie a bandana into a temporary sling.
  8. Tourniquet – If you suffer a cut and aren’t close to immediate medical attention, a bandana can help to stop the bleeding while you seek help.
  9. Face mask – If you find yourself around dust or smoke, or if something just plain stinks, a bandana becomes a face mask in the blink of an eye.
  10. Bag – It won’t be as effective or technical as, well, any other type of pack you can think of, but bandanas can be used to carry items. You can roll small items up and tie them around your waist fanny pack style. Another option is the stick and bindle approach, a popular option among hobos everywhere.
  11. Cordage – If you’re not wearing a survival bracelet a bandana might be your next best option for readily available cordage. You can cut strips off the bandana and twist them up to tie whatever.
  12. Marker – Mark a trail so you know where you’re at, or mark your campsite so you can find it again later. A bandana can also be used as a signal to rescuers should you need it. The brighter the better when it comes to markers.

It always makes sense to carry a bandana. There are tons of uses and it weighs practically nothing. The bandana is one of the most overlooked gear items but it shouldn’t be. We have plenty of bandanas to choose from here at Uncle Sam’s. Hi-Vis, subdued, bandanas with information on them, you name it. Stop by today and see for yourself!


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