Tips for Road Trips

road-summerSome people look at driving as the tedious part you have to do before you get to where you are going. For other people driving is just as much a part of the fun as the destination is. Whether you like to knock out the travel in one shot or  meander and cruise, preparing for a road trip can make things more enjoyable.

If you’re the type to get a good night’s sleep, wake up early, and get to where you’re going with maximum efficiency then preparing is probably already up your alley. If there’s one thing that can add a bunch of time to your trip, it’s ┬áthose “quick stops” that soon turn into 30 minute breaks. Advance prep can reduce or eliminate those stops without any sacrifice of comfort:

  • Packing food to take with you is a good way to save some money and cut down on the number of extra stops you have to take.
  • Instead of coffee, try bringing caffeinated Clif shots or Gu’s to help you keep your focus.
  • Bringing a few Oral IV’s is a good way to stay hydrated without having to hit a rest stop every hour.
  • If you’re doing a trip with multiple drivers bring a travel pillow and take turns sleeping so you can constantly be on the move.

By cutting out unnecessary stops, you’ll reduce the road time in your road trip and increase time for climbing, rafting, and hiking.

Getting on and off the road as fast as possible sounds ideal for a lot of folks, but there are just as many people who would rank being locked in a tiny car for hours without stopping as enjoyable as eating dirt. If you’re the type who likes to check out every detour and embrace spontaneity on a trip, you can still make preparations to make your road trip more enjoyable:

  • Have a camera handy to capture every quirky statue and sign that you come across.
  • Bring a journal to write down the names of towns, restaurants, and attractions that you would like to see next time you pass through.
  • Help pass the time in the car by bringing travel games, and bring a ball or Frisbee for when you just have to get out the car for a minute.
  • Schedule a few minutes after each stop to clean trash from the car and rearrange things if needed; since you’re spending more time in the car, it’s important to keep it as comfortable as possible.

If you agree that getting there is half the fun, these steps can make your road trip more memorable.

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